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C’est Fini

20 Le livre de la vrit de parole by Mardrus- illus. Franois Louis Schmied- 1929

Today is a sad day, but it hasn’t been a difficult decision for me to choose to close down this little creative space on the internet. I feel I have been growing apart from its content for some time, and am moving onto pastures a new.

What I started out to create on here has evolved into something completely different, my ideas and creativity have grown and developed and it has helped me greatly to feel comfortable with my own creative abilities, which I really didn’t expect to happen from just starting out a little blog that I didn’t imagine anyone would care so much to read.

This isn’t the end, you can still find me other social media, updating you on my new stuff as I move on into a different direction. Ciao for now folks, a huge thank you to you all for supporting me in my creative endeavors, you have all been amazing. Please stay in touch…



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