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Laying Foundations


IMG_2993Foundation art and design was the ultimate educational experience for me, I learn’t a whole lot about the creative process in just one year and I have my wonderful teacher Gay Crystal to thank for the experience. She taught me many ways of approaching creativity that I hadn’t known before then and I still use these approaches today.

Every year I try to visit a graduate show and see what is happening at the beginning of the cycle. When you spend all your time devoted to your work as a student you can produce some wonderful things, it’s not the same when you have to squash creativity in as a pass-time between work.

I found it incredibly difficult being flung into the world as a creative after a whole life of education so I believe it’s important for me continue to appreciate the talent of hard working students. A few week’s ago I went to visit the CSM Foundation Art Show. I thought it was amazing, I spent most of my time looking at the work of fine art, ceramic and jewellery students and was thoroughly impressed with the concepts behind the work and solutions they came up with in their final projects.

I also loved being back in that studio environment, a creative community for sharing and developing, ahh to be back their again….


Jin (Jenevieve) Han –


Sophie Clark

Lucia Corsini

Mary Pritchett

Shengyi Chen

Emine Gulsal

Michelle Lung

Bam Jensanjai


Morayo Akodu



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