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Catwalk In a New Light

For the past few seasons I have been put off looking at the catwalk, as I think it promotes ‘want’ and ‘fast fashion’ principles that I don’t really agreed with. I can also never quite grasp the fact that I’m being show next seasons clothes, six months too early.

After playing around with thoughts on the subject for quite some time, I am beginning to view it in a new light. I am now approaching it from an artist’s point of view, because the people behind these beautiful creations are very talented creatives who are here to inspire us, in the same way that we can be inspired by art or nature, but they make gorgeous garments, that we could wear.

After seeing a catwalk show we don’t have to then go out and buy lots of new stuff. I don’t go out and buy loads of paintings after I visit a gallery, I just leave feeling inspired, and from now on that is how I am going to approach the catwalk, as a source of inspiration for my creativity, which I suppose it has always been for me anyway..

KEnzo Chloe Christophe Lemaire Prada House of Holland J.W Anderson Christophe Lemaire 1 Chloe1

All stunning photography from Self Service Magazine: The Fashion Week


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