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Coming Unstuck

Recently I have been feeling creatively blocked up, I haven’t really understood it when I’ve heard other people talk of it in the past. Writers block/ creative block whatever it my be, it happens and it’s pretty strange. I’ve often considered it as a period of change, you’ve moved on from the old but you haven’t yet figured out the new. I still have a creative thought process but I can’t seem to action it. It sounds terribly doom and gloom doesn’t it but I don’t feel sorry for myself. I know it’s not forever and I am trying to encourage its return. Anyone got any unblocking tips?

I spent some time at home over the weekend catching up with my lovely family, I found these ceramics at my parents that I’d made at college. I remember thinking at the time that I could do better, that they weren’t perfect but looking at them now I see nothing wrong with them. It made me realise I should be more accepting of my creativity, even if it doesn’t turn out how I imagined.

These cactus and succulents used to be miniature but they have now blossomed into huge mutant versions of themselves in the light and warm growing conditions of my parents living room. Mum doesn’t like me calling them mutants.. hehe! I think they look very artistic.

This gorgeous embroidered cushion is the impressive handy work of my Mum, the design is from Johanna Basford‘s beautiful colouring book ‘Secret Garden’ which I gave to her as a gift for Christmas a while ago, isn’t it beautiful, she must have passed her creative genes onto me 🙂


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