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The Ones We Love

The people we love are a huge part of our lives, who we choose to spend our time with can make a big difference to our happiness. The Ones We Love is a dedication to those VIP’s who do just that, make us happy. It started out as a Tumblr site which has seen a surge in popularity and has now become a fully fledged website and is soon to be made into print. The site is made up of a beautiful collection of intimate portrait submissions, ‘dedicated to showcasing photography that explores human interaction and connection.’ 

I have been following the site for quite some time and I’m not surprised by its surge in popularity. I have loved every submission and I now have aspirations to be a portrait photographer! I sadly missed out on seeing a selection of portraits at a recent exhibition in London, I need to sharpen my exhibition hunting skills! I’ve selected a few of my favourites from the site below.

Matthieu Litt sbarbasch 031 Matilda Hill-Jenkins Stefan Vanthuyne hunan9 001 bwb

Top to Bottom: Matthew Litt, Sophie Barbasch, Matilda Hill-Jenkins, Stefan Vanthuyne, Ke Peng, Susan Worsham.


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