Illustration / Influence

Natural Living

I stumbled upon these gorgeous illustrations by Laura Berger this week and had to share them with you, it was the yoga illustration which first caught my eye. I love the use of soft muted skin colour tones matched with complimenting colours and the simple shapes which make up the figures. Each image has a perfectly matching title too, which I’ve included below each image. I like that I can relate to the themes explored in Laura’s work.

‘my work is focused on exploring our connections to ourselves and each other, and idea of finding novelty and adventure in everyday life. I’m interested in rituals, our quest for self-development, and how we piece it all together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole.’ 

I’ve selected a few of my favourites to share with you on here, but there are so many more I could have included, if you want to see more head over to Laura’s website or Etsy shop. Now to decide on which to put at the top of my wish list!Laura Berger

My Body

Laura Berger

Natural Living

Laura Berger

You Are Surrounded By Friends

Laura Berger

The Way In

Laura Berger


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