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February Inspiration

Well, here we are in February, another month to wrap up warm in. I’ve never thought of putting cream and white together before but I love this cozy combination, I might see if I can hunt down some decent second-hand white jeans to match my favourite cream jumper.

I remember beingย completely amazed by the ice patterns which appeared overnight on the window screen of the family car when I was a kid. I wondered who had made them, when I found out nature had created them I didn’t believe it, I thought someone must have left them for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comprehending the complexity of space has been circling around in conversation for some time now. Trying to comprehend multiple galaxies is enough toย blow my mind! I’m taking aย Birthday trip with Nath to the Royal Observatory this month to learn some more mind-boggling facts no doubt, I hope I don’t need to take a lie down afterwards!


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