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January Pinspiration

Brrr.. It’s January, and I can certainly feel it! I want to wear my turtle neck over my head and stay there until I can start roaming the fields covered in glitter once again! This year I haven’t got any New Years resolutions as such, but I want to concentrate on making a happy home in my new flat. I’m also hoping to find the right yoga/creative balance again, the creative side got a bit waylaid last year, but now that I have more space I’m hoping to bring it back, especially sewing.

I took a month off the blog in December, it’s a month I don’t favour much. As a sufferer of anxiety it ticks all the wrong boxes for me, the pressure of Christmas is hard. December invites you to do everything to excess, something I’ve had to learn not to do, to keep my anxiety at bay.

I went to Zanzibar for Christmas this year, just Nathan and I, on Christmas Day we took a walk out to the low tide and had pizza for dinner. I missed my family, I’m lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family network but being away from it all did help me out this time. One day I will find the right balance! I’ll be posting about Zanzibar very soon!


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