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Dear Diary…

I’ve kept a diary for many a year, it helps to keep me in check and it’s satisfying to tick off daily tasks. I lost one last year and I almost had a nervous breakdown, so it’s safe to say I won’t be giving it up soon. I’ve given digital a go but it just isn’t the same, so why break a habit of lifetime?

In the search to find something different, as well as support independent artists and small businesses, I’ve decided to hit Etsy this year and have picked out a selection of my favourites, below. Many of them use recycled materials, are small run prints and are completely original compared to anything you’d see on the high street.

I’m having a terrible time deciding which one to go for, I love the illustrated page diary by Rabka2008, which holds 200 drawings by Berlin artists, graphic designers and illustrators, I’m just not sure it’s a great idea to buy a diary in a language you can’t read?!

I’ve also thrown in a couple of calendars, both of which I can easily see hanging on the wall. My calendars don’t often get written on, but the do look beautiful hanging from the wall, so why not?

1. Illustrated Diary by Rabka2008.


2. Floral Watercolour Weekly Diary by TheBigCalendar.


3. Leafy Design Organiser by SchwarzieTM.


4. Boy & Girl Illustrated Wall Calendar, by FunDesignFair.


5. Gold Foil Triangle Diary, by MeryKeem.


6. Custom Colour Block Diary, byArteeLaurBookbinding.


7. Plants Illustrated Wall Calendar, by nuukk.


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. A diary or notebook it’s so important in my life because my brain is constally on the go and writting down thoughts and ideas helps with my lack of organization etc. I normally keep left side of the notebook disorganized and for random thoughts and then the right size is for more clean ideas, things to do etc… I love the first one and the colour block one 🙂

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