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Waste Not, Want Not..

After my rant about fast fashion some months ago, I have been re-thinking my approach to shopping in general. Once you take a step back and have a look what’s going on, the difference between want and need becomes a lot clearer. I’ve asked myself the question, ‘Do I really want my purchases to support bad ethics or impact the environment in a bad way?’ Well no, I do not!

Recycling garments and fabrics that are already in circulation has little or no impact on our environment. Someone who has embraced this concept whole heartedly is luxury knitwear designer Katie Jones, someone who I have been following throughout the year and is proud to fly the flag for ethical fashion!

‘Katie Jones, is the luxury knitwear designer that takes a ‘waste not, want not’ design approach, implementing a modern twist on traditional crafts, hand producing pieces in London that rework consumer waste, designer surplus and British made product into high fashion.’

A lot of you will know that I love a twist on a tradition craft and even better if it supports ethical fashion. As a luxury product, Katie’s pieces don’t come cheap but her guilt free, sustainable pieces are unique, fun and are sure to last you a lifetime.

Follow Katie on Instagram for a peek into her bright and colourful world, and for more facts on ethical fashion.


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