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Print Club London

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the day at Print Club London where I finally redeemed my Birthday voucher for the beginners screen printing workshop. I had delayed it for so long because I wasn’t sure if there where strict guidelines on which images were best to print. Little did I know that you can screen print almost any image, and no it does not need to be a stencil!

From start to finish we were looked after by the wonderful technicians, Barry and Oli, who made the atmosphere in the studio feel relaxed and fun. Oli told us everything we needed to know about preparing our images in Photoshop (on the Print Club TV below) including some great tips on how to transfer detail and shading onto your screen. Barry took us through the process of preparing our screens ready for printing, making sure we completed everything ourselves so we learnt on the job.

In the afternoon we all helped each other to use the screen printing press and produced six ‘limited edition’ prints of our chosen design. I had a terrible time deciding which colour to use but I figured in the end that my whale had to be blue! I was really pleased with the results and I’ve definitely caught the printing bug! Thank you Print Club London, I’ll be back!



5 thoughts on “Print Club London

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  2. So interesting! I have been interested in printing for a long time and I have even looked into doing a workshop at print club London (When I get the money.) I have a question, how did you develop your image? I love your whale. Did you design it in adobe illustrator or did you do it some other way? Is this a really stupid question? this post has made me want to go and do it even more!

    • Hi Amy, the guys at Print Club London showed me how to turn one of my ink illutrations into an image to be printed in photoshop. It was much easier than I thought and it’s possible to turn pretty much any image into something you can print. It’s not a silly question at all. You could ask for a voucher for a Birthday gift maybe? It’s well worth a visit 🙂

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