Art / Illustration

Art Macabre

Life drawing was always one of my favourite lessons, although I wouldn’t say I was particularly good at it. It’s an incredibly good exercise to help improve your drawing skills. It was always my intention to do it regularly once I moved to London but I found most classes to be a bit pompous and un-inviting. My view has been changed this week however, when I visited a Halloween Special Art Macabre event in Islington on Tuesday eve.

Art Macabre is life drawing with a difference, ‘offering curiosity, theatricality and a little bit more gore than your average life drawing class. RIP boring life drawing, hello death drawing.’ The theme of our evening was ‘Monsters Ink’ and we were introduced to different ‘monster’ models, dressed with props and faces painted. A spooky theme tune accompanied the evening, and our host was in character as she instructed the order of proceedings. It made for a really fun night and I can definitely see life drawing now becoming more of a regular occurence.

Below are a few of my sketches from the evening, to find out about upcoming events click here. There is one on this weekend, and I would highly recommend it!img_3379img_3382img_3385


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