Nature / Photography

No Place Like Home

You wouldn’t have guessed it was Summer in Blackburn from looking at these shots, but these are from just a couple of weeks ago when I was back home visiting the family. Typically the day we decided to venture out for a stroll a heavy fog was hanging over the North West and we eventually got a bit wet! Although not ideal strolling conditions I do like the eery effect it’s given the photographs, especially as we were walking near the old church yard and I got a shot of the cemetery.

The sun did make an appearance over the weekend though and I spent one morning photographing the glorious blooms in Mum’s garden as part of my double exposure film project which is now finally complete despite many a set back – I’m dying to share the results!

There are also a few of shots from inside the most amazing maze of an antiques shop, where I could have got lost forever! Thankfully my family seemed to have very good tactics at enticing me step by step through the shelves of goodies and we eventually made it out of there in time for tea!IMG_3289 IMG_3294 IMG_3292 IMG_3291 IMG_3290 IMG_3293 IMG_3299 IMG_3297 IMG_3298 IMG_3296













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