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What’s going on up there?!

My good friend Natasha from Graphique Fantastique has asked me to open up my creative mind to you all by answering a few simple questions.. so without further ado, here’s what’s really going on up there!

What am I working on?

My creative brain is totally cluttered right now, I have a million things whirling around in it, but not at scarily fast unmanageable pace, instead it’s a kind of slow breeze of stuff that is hanging around in there being processed properly before I can get started. This breeze leaves the answer to, ‘what am I working on’ quite a difficult one as my brain is working away on all sorts but I don’t actually have much to show for it at the moment!tropical flower kew gardensI‘m leaning more heavily towards photography this year, back in January I said I would do a course to improve my photography skills but instead I’ve been doing a lot of home learning and now I’m feeling much more confident about my own personal style. I guess I’ve concentrated more on photography over the summer as there’s been more light and I like to capture summer moments, I’ve been enjoying photographing nature and florals and am in the middle of a double exposure film photography project set by Nora from Hello you blog, based around the theme of Summertime.  Last week, I finished a reader assignment set by Uli from Ulicam blog, to take a self portrait based on the theme of Hair. pine cone 2

When visiting my home town in Lancashire last week my Dad took me to an incredible antiques shop in an old church which was crammed with goodies. I picked up two new old fashioned film cameras whilst I was there and I’ve have been busy researching manual exposure techniques and trying to memorise the ‘Sunny 16’ so I can test them out soon, I can’t wait to see the effects they produce, I find the imperfections of film photography so appealing, nothings perfect after all!BwWtdtOIEAAh83L

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure I belong to a specific genre, I create in lots of different ways, it’s purely personal so it varies massively from one day to another. I’ve been known to experiment with photography, textiles, styling and illustration, it really depends what mood I’m in, so having said that I think this question is pretty impossible to answer. I’m working on a way to combine all of my arty elements to focus on something special.Dover white cliffs.jpg

I’ve only recently started to be comfortable with my personal style. Up until now, it feels like I’ve been experimenting and learning about what I love and I’m sure there will be more of that to come. I like to be different, to consider new areas and techniques to work with and I don’t like to follow the crowd. I’m drawn to textures, muted colour palettes and objects that have a story behind them. I gather inspirations from everywhere, currently mostly from nature, I like to be resourceful and give found objects a new life. If I had the room I would no doubt be classed as a hoarder. All this makes for a pretty unique genre, don’t you think?walls notebook.jpg

How does my creative process work?

I’m a lot of thinking and not much doing right now, but I haven’t been putting pressure on myself to create, I enjoy thinking about it just as much! As you can probably imagine there isn’t much of a process at the moment. Mostly ideas churn around in my brain for a while, then one day they just come out. If I start somewhere it’s usually by sketching in my sketchbook, the rest is pretty difficult to explain, I just have fun experimenting and see what happens, nothing serious. When I have heaps of time on my hands and loads of space to spread out, I’m sure there will be more of an order to it but neither of these things I particularly have in abundance right now!20130818-220221.jpg

Why do I create?

I create because I love it, I live for visuals and I’m constantly looking at the beauty in anything. My boyfriend once said that I don’t pay attention to the things going on around me, and I can totally see what he means, but I am just in a very different way to most. I’m constantly gathering inspirations and I must admit I get a bit lost in it all. Turning these inspirations into art, in any form, makes me happy. Making things with my hands is something I have always been good at, I’m a very practical person, when I think of something I want to create, the process just comes naturally to me. Creativity is such a massive part of who I am, it’s the one thing I have been consistently good at throughout my life!20131210-130119.jpg

Thanks Tasha for picking my brains, that was almost like a therapy session! Now you know what’s going on inside my creative mind, I’d like to ask my talented sister Deborah from Dfabrication to take part, so she can shed some light on what goes on inside the mind of a creative seamstress!


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