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Ulicam was one of the first blogs I started to follow and it continues to be one of my favourites. Uli always delivers a consistent whimsical sense of style, across all of her content and her photography is so beautiful, I just love seeing what she comes up with next. A couple of weeks ago she opened up a reader assignment called ‘The Hair‘, I knew I really wanted to get involved but I was pretty booked up before the deadline, so inevitably I missed it but I thought I would do it anyway and last night I had a play around with a couple of loose idea’s.

It was nice to play around with self portraits again, it’s always something I usually find myself a little uncomfortable with, but this time it was fun. I wanted to pile my hair up on top of my head and for my first image I used a huge pine cone I found on my recent trip to the hills to create a sort of pine cone bun! The second image was the result of me messing around and is what I would describe as a sort of hair turban! I think I look completely ridiculous in a hair turban but I like the images and it’s all in the name of art I suppose! Thanks for opening up the assignment Uli, I’d love to do more!

pine cone 2 pine cone turban 2 turban

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