Art / Influence

Hideous Things

I have been following artist Chelsey Pettyjohn’s Instagram feed for some time now, her site is aptly titled Hideous Things and up until recently her work has consisted mostly of creepy obscure ink illustration’s of nudes and animals. Totally original in style and quite an unusal choice for me but I love them, a new illustration post is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Normally heavily illustration based, one evening in July I was surprised to see the feed go down a new route, with these equally creepy and obscure painted old photographs, which I love even more! I seriously didn’t think Chelsey’s work could get any better, but these photos managed to put an even bigger smile on my face! I just can’t get enough!

sunwatchers_07_web sunwatchers_03_web sunwatchers_1_web sunwatchers_02_web sunwatchers_04_web sunwatchers_05_web sunwatchers_08_web


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