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Fast Fashion Fall Out..

It’s been two years since the dawn of Style & Influence and this year I’ve noticed some signs of things slowing down and I think I’ve managed to put my finger on why. For some time now I’ve started to come up against conflicting emotions when it comes to the fashion side of things. I started the blog to rekindle my love for Fashion, Art and Creativity which has been a fantastic experience but recently I’ve found myself moving further and further away from promoting “Fashion” because I’ve come to realise that there are certain things within the industry that I just don’t agree with.

“Buy less, choose well” – Vivienne Westwood


Here’s the deal, I enjoy fashion as an art form and as a form of personal expression. I believe in encouraging individual style which ultimately brings with it confidence but I don’t agree with “fast fashion” and it’s numerous unethical consequences, which I’m sure most of you are aware. Traditional ‘Fashion blogging’ doesn’t sit well with me either, as I believe it gives people false impressions. Constantly buying into new trends and wearing a new outfit every day makes it seem acceptable to spend all your hard earned cash (or credit) on clothes for the sake of looking good and I don’t want to encourage any of these things.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness” – Mahatma Gandi


To combat this conflict I’m making a shift to start shopping ethically, and will be promoting an ethically consious lifestyle here on the blog . There are plenty of ways to enjoy fashion with a conscience and I’m going to make an effort to do so from now on. It won’t be particularly easy for me to curb my bad shopping habits, but as I take a look back through the archives I can see I’ve been leaning this way for a while and I will share with you my struggles, as well as the hints and tips I pick up along the way. With my new approach to shopping you can expect to see more style posts coming your way, all with a suitably sustainable message.








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