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Glastonbury Scrapbook

This week it’s been roughly a month since I embarked on my annual pilgrimage to the Farm. I found it hard to decide whether or not to post about Glastonbury at all this year. I attempted to do it last year but this year in the end I thought I’d decided to forgo it, my reason being that my love for the place means it’s pretty difficult to put the experience into words.

So instead of opening up my heart to you, I thought I’d share some snippets from my Glastonbury Scrapbook, which was published to celebrate 40 years of the festival and to help raise money for Oxfam’s Haiti fund. It was a gift to me from Nath for my Birthday and holds a personal selection of historical scraps collected by Micheal and Emily Eavis, telling the tale of the festival and the controversy surrounding it since it’s very first hippie days right up to 2010, Glastonbury’s 40th Anniversary. Every year, before I head off, I take it down from the shelf and have a flick through to remind me of what I have to look forward to whilst trying not to get overwhelmed with excitment!

Glastonbury, there’s no place quite like it…

Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_6 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_3 Glastonbury Scrapbook1_Page_1 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_2 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_4 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_9 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_5 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_7 Glastonbury Scrapbook 8_Page_8


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