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West Country Downtime

When you live in the middle of a big city and occasionally swap it for a weekend in the country, you realise just how easy it is to forget what silence sounds like. I enjoy quiet time, I often sit at home in silence if I’m alone but it’s never truly silent in central London, surprisingly enough you become very accustomed to it.

Taking to the time to relax and enjoy the softer sounds of nature whilst visiting family in Bath last weekend was just what was needed. My second visit to the west country in the space of 3 weeks, the first being Glastonbury and this time some scheduled downtime at Nath’s Auntie’s beautiful cottage in Bath.

With a new pooch to entertain us and the sun shining we didn’t need to move much. We ate gorgeous home cooked food, watched the moon in the evenings from our hired hot tub and took a walk in the woodland nearby. My time out in the country made me appreciate how important it is to give yourself some downtime!

Thanks so much for having us Gigi x20140718-093614-34574427.jpg20140718-093612-34572451.jpg 20140718-093608-34568310.jpg 20140718-093609-34569778.jpg 20140718-093609-34569128.jpg 20140718-093610-34570651.jpg20140718-093613-34573047.jpg 20140718-093617-34577019.jpg 20140718-093617-34577701.jpg 20140718-093615-34575728.jpg 20140718-093616-34576410.jpg 20140718-093615-34575077.jpg 20140718-093613-34573715.jpg 20140718-093618-34578425.jpg

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