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Blooming Marvellous

I’ve noticed recently that my obsession with florals and greenery shows no sign of backing down, it’s the only thing I truly love to photograph at the moment, that and any new place I happen to visit. It’s made me realise that my connection to nature is something I need to consider when focusing on a topic for my artwork.

As I make a pretty regular trip to Columbia Road flower market these days, I’ve decided to start a monthly feature, ‘Blooming Marvellous’ where I’ll share with you my recent floral fancies photographed in creative ways. I have noย idea the names of these yellow pom-pom balls or the flowers they share a vase with, so if anyone has the knowledge I’d love to know. As you can see, I’m into blue blooms at the moment! Please don’t ask me my favourite, it’s a conundrum I will never solve!ย 20140707-140332-50612242.jpg20140707-140610-50770409.jpg20140707-140331-50611635.jpg 20140707-140609-50769830.jpg


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