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May Pinspiration

Ah, April was fast and fun filled and now my bank account is well and truly dry, cry me a river! Being social in the big city hasn’t left much time for creativity lately, my intension is to concentrate on this again during May because ultimately creativity makes me happy, amongst other things!

Although rain is casting its grey shadow over the first day of May here in London, I’m still feeling bright and breezy and ready for the month ahead.  Here’s some imagery that’s caught my eye on Pinterest, getting me in the mood for May.

Marble seems to be everywhere at the moment and my office is covered in it, great for a photoshoot but I’m not sure how that would go down! This Stone Bar Ring from & Other Stories is just perfect . I’m loving the negative space nail art trend, I’m hoping to give this half moon and tips* one a whirl tonight! Ceramics are still definitely on my mind, these unusual bottle vases remind me of the BFG! Florals at this time of year are just unavoidable aren’t they, this colourful poppy field is gorgeous. And, if you skin is still a long way from catching its Summer glow (like mine), give yourself a peachy lip that will brighten you up some!

*Nail Art, Reference unknown.

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