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Pantone Skin Tones

Photographer Angélica Dass is the creator of this ongoing series titled Humanæ, which speaks volumes about our global issue with ethic identity, without saying any words at all.

‘Humanae is a chromatic inventory that reflects on the colors beyond the borders of our codes by referencing the PANTONE ® Color scheme.’

The project’s objective is to record and catalog all possible human skin tones, highlighting how truly unique each of us are as individuals and reacting to numerous stereotypes surrounding the colour of our skin, which unfortunately still exist today.

‘It is a kind of game for subverting our codes. The audience is free to read into it. The ultimate goal is to provoke and to use the internet as a discussion platform on ethnic identity, creating images that lead us to match us independent from factors such as nationality, origin, economic status, age or aesthetic standards.’

I was touched by this series, the tumblr feed contains so many photographs of volunteers who have been matched up with their own unique Pantone shade, in this post I have only included a few, I love that fact that no two shades are the same. If the have a spare minute you should head over and see the rest here, Humanæ. I wonder which shade I am?


4 thoughts on “Pantone Skin Tones

    • It’s great isn’t it 🙂 Thanks re the background, unfortunately I didn’t create the lovely weave myself, but it is a resolution of mine to try weaving this year! xx

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