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Willow Rose Workshop

Willow Crossley is the talented lady behind the beautiful book Inspire, The Art of Living with Nature. I have been following her wonderful blog Willow Rose Boutique for quite some time now, where she shares ideas which are a constant inspiration for bringing the wonders of nature inside your home, something I am becoming more and more obsessed with (not that I have the room, but I can dream!). Last week I somehow managed to reserve a place on a workshop she was hosting at Anthropologie in the London Regent Street store.

Upon arriving at the bottom of the staircase which runs alongside an impressive cascading living wall, I was greeted first by the overwhelmingly fresh scent of hyacinths, before I then caught sight of our glorious woodland workshop table, dressed by Willow, where the workshop was being held. Our woodland table brought back happy memories of wandering through woodland growing up, I have always been fascinated by nature.

During our workshop we created very pretty simple napkins rings, you can see how mine turned out below…Willow Crossley Woodland.jpg Willow Crossley Woodland.jpg20140422-090633.jpg

Napkin ring in the making…

Step 1. Start with a length of wired twine and wrap it into a neat circle, a suitable size to hold your napkin.

Step 2. Choose a selection of decorative bits and pieces, each connected to a length of wire, mine had been supplied by Willow for the workshop.

Step 3. Wrap the chosen decor around your circle of twine, with most of the pieces gathered towards one side of your circle.

Step 4. Once you are happy with the arrangement of your pieces, complete the napkin ring by wrapping florist tape around the twine circle. I chose to finish mine off in a baby blue colour.

Simple but effective don’t you think, I had a lovely time on the workshop, it was nice to have an excuse to spend far too much time in Anthropologie! I’ll certainly be keeping my eye’s peeled for future events.



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