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Drawing on Walls..

It’s hard for me to go to Magma and leave empty-handed, on one of my trips there I came away with this Walls Notebook. I have to admit I have had it for AAAGES without making one mark in it, but I recently got down to some gouache paint wall doodling. The notebook is intended to be filled with lots of your own graffiti style doodles. Graffiti without the possible vandalism charges, great for me as I find it hard to break rules, just a tiny bit of a goody two shoes – you certainly wouldn’t ever catch me drawing on any real walls!

I was surprised when I scanned in the images that they actually looked like wall art, for some reason I didn’t think the outcome would be too realistic. Really, I bought the notebook because I loved the photography and thought it could make interesting art, or be something a bit prettier to scribble on. I’m definitely not a graffiti artist wannabe but I do like the look of my girls on walls!

walls notebook.jpg walls notebook.jpg walls notebook.jpg


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