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Ah, the long old tale of my hair colour… I have been boring people with it for years! Since I retired from being a ginger back in 2010 I have been pretty much my natural colour for the last 4 years. I made the decision I wanted to go grey/ashy around two of those years ago. To say it has been a struggle communicating  this with various salons is an understatement. Grey has been translated as anything from brunette to lightly highlighted, even with the aid of visuals. In the end I gave up, stopped wasting my money and starting toning my highlighted hair at home to take the warmth out of it. Up until this week, when I put my trust in BLEACH!

BLEACH London is famed for it ‘Supercool colours‘ and if you want to know what that means then take a look here. These chaps know what their doing when it comes to bleaching and they aren’t afraid of giving you what you want. My request was tame compared to many others and I knew that I would get my transformation. The lovely Tasha dyed my locks, on a relaxed Monday afternoon in the Dalston Salon. BLEACH products are available to buy if you want to attempt a home dye, but I would highly recommend you visit the salon if you want to be looked after by the experts.

Now all I need to do is live by this BLEACH bible so my hair doesn’t crumble to pieces and learn to be a bit more high maintainance! Thank you Tasha and thank you BLEACH I couldn’t be happier!BLEACH London grey hair.jpgBLEACH London grey hair.jpgBLEACH London grey hair.jpg







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