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Day Trip to Dover

One of my to-do’s for 2014 was to get my film camera out of hiding. A couple of weeks ago I finally dusted it off and took it on a day trip to Dover. Around six shots remained on a film which had been patiently waiting since around 2009, picking it back up again felt a little strange! I thought I was going to feel a bit precious about the shots I had left, it’s easy to get snap happy when your used to a digital camera, but although I felt like my photo’s were more carefully considered I don’t think that’s a bad thing and I didn’t miss the freedom of practically unlimited storage.

This year I have been trying to become more knowledgable on exposures with the aim of having more control over the creativity of my photography. It’s difficult to remember all the technical aspects when shooting in manual mode but I feel like I’m getting there slowly and I’m really happy with the few photographs I had developed from Dover, film photography just seems to add so much more depth.

These ones take you just up to the point where I began to see the white cliffs! Hopefully I won’t leave it another five years before finishing the next film, then I can show you the rest…Dover white cliffs.jpg blossom.jpg Dover white cliffs.jpg Dover white cliffs.jpg


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