Art / Influence

A Brave New World

When I find new art online and read up on the artist, I always find it adds more depth to the art when I can relate to the thoughts or background of the creator. This happened in the case of collage artist Euegina Loli, intrigued by her surreal collaged scenes I headed to her site to find a Q and A, learning a little bit more about Eugenia made me appreciate her art even more.

I have never come across any artist who is happy to freely distribute their artwork, here is a bold statement for you, ‘I believe that art loses its true value when it becomes fully commercial, because the artist then tries to please the latest visual fashion or the wishes of his customers. How am I supposed to describe you who am I, when that has a price? It’s an oxymoron. Art should be shared freely.’ It takes a brave person to say those things and I have to agree, if you make art commercially it can alter its outcome, maybe not for the better.

Here’s something else I loved, ‘I don’t believe in the old tradition of an artist “finding his style”. That’s death for any artist.’ You can read the full interview with Eugenia here. A true inspiration and so is her art…

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