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April Pinspiration

April is here, British Summer Time has begun and the sun now stays in the sky until almost 8pm, rejoice! I’m hoping that my enthusiasm for Spring reflects in the blog this month, as March saw posting dwindle to about half of my normal output. I’m not entirely sure what that was down too, I did spend quite some time tidying the aesthetics and working on things behind the scenes such as my new portfolio space on VSCO. In all honesty I think I spent a large part of my time thinking rather than doing which is neither healthy nor productive!

As you can see from this month’s collection of imagery, soft unsaturated colours are catching my eye, like those captured in this image of a remote Icelandic dwelling. It’s edging ever closer to beloved festival season, these pretty sparkly stars are being kept in mind. I have been collecting interesting ways of photographing people on my Style Shots board, I love this shot by Suckeruser. I wish that someone would be brave enough to dye my hair this shade of grey, it would look lovely with this dirty pink shirt.. one day! These blue hued cheeky ceramic pots housing cacti and succulents are très cute! Welcome to April!




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