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I’m the first to admit that I am usually the last one to join the party when it comes to things like social media, well technology as a whole really! I’m definitely not one to jump on the band wagon! Therefore it came as no surprise to read that apparently everyone uses VCSO Cam to edit their photo’s these days!? Do they? I must not have got the memo.

Curiosity then led me to discover Visual Supply Co (or VSCO) and the beautifully simple profile space that is VSCO Grid. A carefully curated feed of imagery packed full of stunning photography from talented members. I have been scrolling through on a daily basis since I stumbled upon it early last week, it’s certainly helping to feed my addiction to visuals!

Since I have now signed up, I have somewhere to showcase my photography and illustration work, which would otherwise be tucked away in the depths of the blog somewhere. It’s early days as not everything has been uploaded just yet but if you fancy a nosey you can head over here: Nikki Rodgers

Lydo Elise LeLydo Elise LeCaramelas Vintage97bdecdd7f6262631e4eb7c062d69d14

Images by Lydo Elise Le and Caramelas Vintage.



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