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Kew in Film

Everyone has a box of memories somewhere don’t they? An old shoebox gathering dust that you come across when you’re having a Spring clean. I discovered mine a few weeks ago under the sofa when I started to re-upholster it! As I nostalgically flicked through a heap of pen pal letters (yes I was that geeky), cards I’d collected from loved ones and many a photo of me as an awkward teen it made me realise that one day this experience might not exist anymore.

We email rather than put pen to paper, cards are being replaced with facebook posts, film photography is fast becoming a thing of the past. One day, our future generations might not have anything tangible to remember things by, instead they will be spring cleaning their digital clouds and come across an old folder to browse through, not quite the same really is it?!

Anywho, digital discussion aside, whilst I was looking in my tangible memory box I found these images taken from one of my most favourite places, Kew Gardens. I took the photographs on my Pentax film camera which I used throughout my third year at University and not a lot since! I don’t think I will ever tire of walking through the beautiful Victorian glasshouses and rose gardens. So very British, in parts history feels frozen inside those brick walls. A perfect place for some actual peace and tranquility within the madness of the big city.

Kew Gardens Glass House Kew Gardens Kew Gardens Kew Gardens Kew Gardens


5 thoughts on “Kew in Film

  1. A few years ago I lived in Chiswick and I used to go quite often to Kew Gardens with my son 🙂 nice memories! Film will always be better in the same way books and meeting with someone face to face. There is things technology can never fully replace 🙂

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