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Lost and Found

Randy Grskovic has been collecting other people’s forgotten memories and reinventing them into collage art. The images in this post are from his second series, ‘Found Photographs‘. As a lover of nostalgia and collage art, his cleverly manipulated photographs appeal to me on many levels. I find the creative process of this series so interesting, as it’s all based on a gut feeling, not so much pre-planning, which I can definitely relate too!

‘I find these images at flea markets and antique stores. I sift through them and find the ones that emotionally appeal to me. I quickly scan and grab them intuitively.When I sit down to cut them up I stare at them for a long time and really consider the images. I think about the past and the present and how they relate to the future.’

‘I make some stylistic cuts depending on the mood that the image projects to me, which is essentially a projection of myself onto the image. It’s an anonymous collaboration.’

I love the idea this artwork is an anonymous collaboration. That someone’s amateur photograph, long since forgotten, has now been unexpectedly reworked into a thought provoking graphic collage. Pretty cool.   Belvedere Randy GrskovicCastle Randy GrskovicCalifornia DreamsDiamond life Randy Grskovic smallHome Randy Grskovic black

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