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A Bit of a Blur

I’m not normally that into digital art, I usually favour the hand drawn or collage variety, but Jennis Li Cheng Tien‘s colourful blurred digital figures really caught my attention. They could almost be mistaken for pastel drawings they are so soft, floaty and inviting. Not normally what you imagine when you think of a digital collage.

Jennis Li Cheng Tien‘s series ‘Have a Nice Day’ has been an ongoing project since August 2010, featuring the faces and figures of anonymous people sourced from the internet. The digital collage process used distorts the features so much that the faces and figures are barely recognised as human at all. They are transformed into fashion illustration type silhouettes. Funny to think that the people used have no idea they have been made into such beautiful art! Could it be you?? Jennis Li Cheng Tien

Jennis Li Cheng Tien


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