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Wool and the Giles

Giles +Wool and the Gang showcased Swampy Jumpers and EEK hats yesterday amongst the rest of the Giles collection on the runway at  London Fashion Week. For the show a whole heap of EEK hats were pre-made by Wool and the Gang members and distributed to attendees. Plus, everyone was getting involved backstage with their Wool and the Gang Knit Kits, check them out on Wool and the Gang’s Instagram! If home knitting wasn’t already on the rise, it certainly will be now!

What is truly great about this collaboration is that you can now instantly DIY the Giles catwalk! You can buy an EEK Hat from the Wool and the Gang site now, either as a Knit Kit or pre-made my a Wool and the Gang member, ‘Never factory made, each Wool and the Gang item is handcrafted or knitted by the Gang – our team of artisans and makers around the world. Our designs can also be bought as easy-to-follow Knit Kits, which allows you to knit your own customised Wool and the Gang designs at home.’ Personally I would prefer to knit my own and I’m praying they don’t sell out of knit kits before pay-day!

I also now have huge aspirations to become a Gang Member, but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to apply! To find out more info on Wool and the Gang culture, check out their website. Peace out!Giles and wool and the gang

Wool and the Gand EEK hat


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