Photography / Style

Kira Stachowitsch &Other Stories

Lately I’ve been getting really into styling again and have started up a new Style Shots Pinterest board where I’ll be collecting styling and photography images with an alternative vibe. It’s probably no secret to you by now that I am in love with &Other Stories, not only for the fashion, but for the brands overall creative direction. I seriously get excited when a new styling story drops into my inbox – it’s the small things in life! I’ve been particularly loving the collaborations with industry creatives, they select pieces from the current season and are photographed wearing them. One of my favourite stories is Kira Stachowitsch, Editor of Indie Magazine, shot in Polaroid film by Daliah Spiegel. Quirky alternative style shots, exactly the kind I find myself being constantly draw to at the moment. Don’t you love the fruit and flower props!? All items can be purchased at

&other stories&other stories&other stories&other stories

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