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Daydream Believer

When something is discribed as ‘Underground’ it usually means that it is so cool that no one really knows about it yet, the underground is where cool is created – Damn, it’s so cool! The artwork of Hisham Akira Bharoocha comes from this domain, he is one of NY’s underground creative leaders, ‘continually trying to bring together the visual art, music, and fashion communities for collaboration’.

As well as many other things Hisham produces these magical mind boggling collages which he describes as, ‘the melting together of images that happen in the mind when one is meditating, dreaming, day dreaming, or going about their daily lives.’ A difficult subject to choose to work with, to say the least! The mind isn’t a place that can easily be described let alone visualised or created into artwork. ‘Hisham tries to create works that show the absurdity and logic of how each mind works’ People usually like to shy away from what goes on in there but Hisham brings the mind out into the open, with fantastic results!



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