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Gods Own Junkyard

Behold! Gods Own Junkyard, a junkyard come art gallery where everything you see is for sale – Almost. It’s piled high with twinkling neon signage and other oddities such as enormous disco balls, shark’s heads and religious statues. A collection owned by Chris Bracey who has been making these delights for over 40 years. The place has to be seen to be believed, completely mesmerizing like a backdrop from a film.

I took a trip here on Sunday having heard so much about it in the press after Chris’ old haunt faced an uncertain future when the land was sold off to property developers. There were cries from creatives desperate for it to be saved and now I see what all the fuss it about! Luckily Gods Own Junkyard now has a new home, a rented warehouse space of considerably hirer cost (plus imagine the cost of the leccy bill!) but a very special one at that.

It’s one of the most photogenic artistic spaces I’ve ever been to, it is well worth a visit and does wonders for your hangover, aparently! Prepare to be blinded by neon lights! 20140204-130207.jpg20140204-130025.jpg20140204-130142.jpg20140204-130037.jpg20140204-130152.jpg20140204-130002.jpg20140204-130013.jpg20140204-130056.jpg20140204-130109.jpg

3 thoughts on “Gods Own Junkyard

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