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February Pinspiration

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest, I hold my hands up and confess I was seriously addicted at first, the addiction has mellowed slightly since but now I can’t imagine life without it. It’s one of the only social media sites that I don’t feel guilty scrolling through because I’m always left feeling inspired. It’s like my online mood board, a virtual space for me to pin up all my favourite images, stopping me from hoarding scraps of paper to the point where my flat starts to resemble a scene from The Hoarder Next Door.

So, in honour of Pinterest and all the wonders it has to offer I’ve started a new Pinspiration feature on the blog. At the beginning of every month I will share with you a collection of imagery that I’m currently inspired by, sparking up little ideas in my mind and getting my creative juices flowing. So without further ado, here’s February’s addition.

1. Eye Arm Accessories from Maison Martin Margiela couture, photographed for Self Service Magazine. 2. Silver and nude colour block nail art from MP Nails. 3. Seriously sparkly tinsel dress from Let It Be Blog, no matter what the season! 4. Minimalistic Céline signet stone bracelets, made from Brass and Marble. 5. Dolce and Gabbana SS14 Ornate hair accessories and that shade of grey! 6. Pretty Poppy Pods, from Fotosache Blog


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