Art / Influence

Mysterious Mist

A cloud of grey mist hangs over London yet again today and it attempts to dampen my mood but there is only one more day left in this unusually long month of January and I am welcome of the change, we’ll be one step closer to Spring!

Brooks Shane Salzwedel‘s atmospheric artwork depicts the beauty of nature breaking through a thick mist, quite appropriate for today I thought.  He draws layers of delicate distressed tree’s in graphite which are then trapped between layers of thick resin creating realistic distance in his artwork that could easily be confused as Polaroid photo’s.

The result of the layering is pretty moody and helps to describe the gloom that can be seen from my window today, but somewhere out there the trees will look wonderfully mysteriously because of it…27894a7c0740caa682573163431c0d31ReflectionLittle Big MountainHeld Up


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