Home Touches

Living in London with an urge to make a house a home, it can be hard to fulfil your interior design visions! My ideal home is a long way away from where I am now but I have a lot of small ideas to make my rented studio flat a little prettier and draw the attention away from the carpet tile without spending a small fortune!

I recently bought a few small home additions from the Anthropologie Sale. A pretty little ceramic ring tray with a hand painted big ben design, displaying all the little bits that get lost at the bottom of my jewellery boxes. Plus, a set of miss matched drawer knobs in shades of turquoise and green to be added to my bed side tables. The total cost of everything was less than Β£10. Makes waiting for a sale worthwhile doesn’t it? I think I saved myself around Β£40, you know me, I love a bargain!20140127-224819.jpg20140128-222908.jpg20140128-222855.jpg20140127-224709.jpg 20140127-224715.jpg


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