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A Chill in the Air

The Winter weather so far in London has been pretty mild. It’s hard to believe the reports of such extreme cold from across the Atlantic. Trust me, if I have managed to avoid wrapping up for this long then it definitely isn’t cold – not in the slightest!

In preparation for the chill I bought this hounds tooth coat from the Anthropologie sale back in December and it came in handy when I started to feel the chill setting in on a visit to the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park a couple of weekends ago. It was a glorious bright Winters day which brought aΒ beautiful twilight sky as the sun began to set. Nothing beats a pink sky peeping through a silhouette of tree skeletons at this time of year.

Hounds Tooth Coat, Anthropologie; Coated Jeans, Zara; Knitted Jumper, &Other Stories; Shoes, &Other Stories; Necklace; H&M.



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