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Stitching Pretty

Once upon a time, when I first found out you could use one to draw, I fell in love with the free foot on my sewing machine. Unfortunately me and my machine have lost our special bond right now, I imagine if I attempted to create anything as amazing as these embroidered portraits by Harriet Popham using mine it wouldn’t take long for it to end up in pieces on the pavement!

It’s a sad story I know, I do want to find my love for sewing again this year and these textured faces, drawn freehand using the beloved free foot are more than enough creative inspiration to help me decide to put my Janome into retirement. It has served me well but now at the grand old age of nine I’m afraid it’s had its day.

Although Harriet’s embroidery work drew my attention to her, she is a multi-talented lady with many other skills up her sleeve. You can check out more of where this came from on her Cargo Collective site.20130513_144755944499_482326498506327_1546060127_ntumblr_mersey8zP61qk9qlqo1_500968980_10151613888166113_1708105182_n


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