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5 Simple Things

Now that I’ve had time to reflect on what I managed to achieve last year I wanted to set in place some goals to keep me focused in the New Year. It’s not always easy to stay focussed on creative projects, especially given creative people usually have a lot of thoughts and idea’s flying around at one time. My intention is to develop more of a creative routine but I’m still working that out for now.

With the past year in mind, I have thought of five things that I can do to push my creativity further. I don’t think it is healthy to set unrealistic goals for yourself, I don’t want to change dramatically but I do want to continue to improve and so I will try to incorporate these things into the next year..

1. Patience This year I want to try to become more patient with my creative projects. I like things to be finished quickly and very rarely start a project which might take a little more time. This year I would like to take on more challenging projects and have the patience to spend a little longer making them perfect.

My sister has inspired me to do this, she takes time and works hard on her sewing projects and they work out beautifully, you can check out some of her projects on her blog DFabrication. She bought me this lovely fabric and pattern for Christmas so I will approach it with patience in mind. Thanks Sis!

2. Photography Development I’ve been talking about it for a while now, so I think it’s about time I took a photography course. I want to get to know my SLR camera better and take even more photograph’s this year. I also want to make better use of my film camera which sadly is gathering a lot of dust on my shelf!

3. Experimental Illustration I’m pleased that I have come so far with my illustration recently and I think it’s down to being involved in projects similar to this Link Party hosted by Lianne Williams.

To continue the drawing momentum in 2014, I want to stay involved in drawing projects which will push me to experiment more. This months Link Party theme is coral and will be running on Weds, please do join in with me if you have anything you would like to share.

4. Outfit Posts As I mentioned in my Reflections post, I am not very confident with outfit shots but I want to feature them more often on the blog. I came a long way with this in 2013 after taking on the 30 Self Portrait Challenge hosted by A Beautiful Mess and I hope to gain even more confidence in taking outfit shots in 2014. I have already enlisted the help of my wonderful friend Sofie who has kindly accepted the role of my photographer so I can try to make this happen!

5. New Skills I think it’s important to continue to learn and try out new things. Pinterest is such a great place for inspiration and I have found that I’ve been drawn to ceramics and weaving recently, both of which I have never tried before. So I hope to give one of these new skills a go before the end of the year!

I hope I haven’t given myself to much to think about here! Overall my goals are to try to encourage me to stay focussed on creativity!

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Things

  1. Thanks for the mention sis! Love this post, may do something similar myself as I don’t want to set myself specific tasks. Can’t wait to see what your blog brings in the new year!

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