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Time to Reflect..

This time of year always encourages thoughts on reflection and future goals. I’m sure there are lots of thoughts running through people’s minds right now and it can be a pretty intimidating time. I think it’s important to focus on the positives when reflecting on the past and to take your time choosing your goals so you don’t freak yourself out! With that in mind I have decided to divide my two New Year posts into reflection and goals and will be focussing on creativity as that is a huge positive in my life!

Looking Back…

I’ve been thinking back over 2013, it was my first full year of blogging and you can’t imagine how fulfilling it has been. I have found my love for creativity again and I suppose that’s what I intended. In fact, it has done much more for me than I had hoped, here are some of the great things that have come from blogging in 2013!

I have been introduced to so many talented creative individuals out there that inspire me every day. Finding interesting new art, photography and illustration feeds me with wonderful ideas and has helped me to challenge myself in my own work. I have loved sharing what I have found with you over the past year…

This year I took part in a Self Portrait Challenge run by the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess blog, the thought of doing it felt frightening to be honest but I wanted to push myself as I had always intended to share my outfits on the blog but I hadn’t because I was too embarrassed, so I took it on. I’m so pleased that I did because it was great for my confidence levels. I still don’t like taking photos of myself and find it incredibly embarrassing publicising my face to you all but I know how much you like to see my face so I will endeavour to keep it up in the New Year!

It has been so satisfying completing and documenting all my creative projects on the blog this year. So many of the ideas that continually float around in my mind have been achieved due to this blog and it has allowed me to move on and develop my creativity further.

When I first started to blog I wrote that I wanted to develop my illustration style, which I definitely feel I have achieved particularly towards the end of this year. I have also become more comfortable using my SLR camera, still no expert but I’m getting there!

Around the middle of this year, I started to join in with projects and communicate more within the blogging community. I have joined in with weekly drawing challenges and events hosted by The Big Draw and have really enjoyed finding new inspiring blogs to read. I don’t feel quite like I have made an impact on the community just yet but I certainly feel proud to have become a part of it.

If you have followed Style&Influence this year thank you so much for being so supportive!! A blog would be pretty pointless without all of it’s lovely readers! Much love x

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13 thoughts on “Time to Reflect..

  1. Congrats on your first full year of blogging. It’s so fun. I love all your projects too. Can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring you.

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