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DIY: Sharpie Ceramics

This DIY’s been on my to-do list for an age! I finally got round to experimenting with sharpie markers and ceramics just before Christmas, as I decided to make them as gifts for my Grandparents. I had seen and heard wonderful things online about baking Sharpie marker onto ceramics. It really is quite simple to achieve and baking it actually works! Now I have every intention of decorating a full set of crockery for my own kitchen too. Here’s how I did it..

Equipment Needed

  • A ceramic item you want to decorate
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Turpentine and cloth
  • An oven for baking!

Step 1. Practise your design in your sketchbook before committing to it, make sure you are happy before you go ahead. I went with a paisley design which you can just about see here.20140107-213846.jpg

Step 2. Take your item and give it a good clean with the turps and wipe it dry with a cloth or kitchen roll.20140107-213852.jpg

Step 3. Once you have a clean surface to work with, choose your colours and start to transfer your design onto your item.20140107-213900.jpg 20140107-213914.jpg

Step 4. When you have finished, leave the design to completely dry overnight, then you are ready to bake.

Step 5. Baking! Place your item in the oven BEFORE you switch it on. Heat the oven to 250 degrees, once it reaches the correct temperature set a timer for 30 minutes and then turn off the oven. Leave your item in the oven until it has completely cooled then you can safely remove your finished product! 20140107-213924.jpg20140107-213907.jpg

Now your new bowl etc.. is ready to go, baking the design means it can now be washed and even dishwashered without the design coming off, it really is as simple as that! I hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY tutorial, let me know if you try it out for yourselves, I’d love to see your creations. Right then, I’m off to start designing my kitchen set! Nikki.

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