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In Bruges

This year to make the most of our time off during the Christmas break me and Nath booked a mini trip to Bruges in between Christmas and New Year. Pretty much as soon as Christmas was over we journeyed back down to London and onto the Eurostar the next morning to be greeted by glorious sunshine as we arrived along with a herd of other tourists into the city of Bruges on the 28th December.

During our short stay we mostly enjoyed wandering the cobbled streets taking everything in, stopping along the way for some Belgium specialities like moules et frites, delicious chocolates and a to try a new beer from the never ending drinks menu’s! We were lucky to have such warm and sunny weather whilst we were there, which meant lots time spent outdoors taking photographs…20140102-215209.jpg20140102-215232.jpg20140102-215313.jpg20140102-215417.jpg20140102-215403.jpg20140102-215349.jpg20140102-215723.jpg20140102-215632.jpg20140102-215446.jpg20140102-215429.jpg20140102-215516.jpg20140102-215544.jpg20140102-215220.jpg20140102-215532.jpg20140102-215657.jpg


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