Knitted Neckwear

Who ever still thinks that knitting isn’t cool is way behind the times, in recent years it has certainly seen a revival and it’s not uncommon to see the youngsters at it out and about these days. I’ve even taught some of my friends how to do it too which has been great fun.
On my recent visit to The Secret Emporium Christmas Market which handily was at the end of my street this year, I came across these amazing knitted jewellery designs by the very talented Amy Lawrence. Amy uses her beautiful Italian knitting machine to create intricate one of a kind necklaces which I instantly fell in love with. Knitting machines have always intrigued me and to see that they can create such delicate and detailed designs got me very excited!
Knitwear and texture are two of my favourite things and transferring it across into jewellery is such a great idea. The fine wools, sophisticated colour combinations and dainty designs makes these pieces so luxurious, I would like one of each please…



8 thoughts on “Knitted Neckwear

  1. My friend Pele’s Mum used to have a knitting machine and she used to knit him some serious jumpers in the 70’s.

  2. These are super cool, great find Nikki. I like the third from the top with the yellow trim. Just been eyeing up the latest Marimekko collection and these would go perfectly, in a mega-pattern-clashing kind of a way!

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