Illustration / Photography

A Lancashire Christmas.

Few.. December is hectic isn’t it! I’ve been shopping and making, partying and having fun, helping my parents prepare for Christmas dinner. Today is the first day that I’ve had chance to sit down and reflect on the last few weeks.

I’ve been back in Lancashire for Christmas this year which has been lovely, seeing all my family and drinking my own body weight in red wine! Me and Nathan are off to Bruges tomorrow which I’m really looking forward too. But before I shoot off and leave you again, I thought I’d share a few Christmassy shots from my family home…

The 12 Days of Christmas..

You may have noticed that I’ve also been busy illustrating the twelve days of Christmas which I didn’t realise actually starts on Christmas Day running through to the 5th January. So for each day until then I will be sharing with you an illustration following the lyrics for that well known song! I hope you enjoy them, Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

Three French Hens20131226-140213.jpg


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