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Spectacular Craftacular

Last Sunday was a glorious sunny winter’s day in the East End of London and the day of the BUST Christmas Craftacular Fair! I made it up in time to join the queue of excited shoppers which had started to curl around York Hall. When the clock struck twelve we all piled in and I found out that being an eager beaver certainly pays off, as I was handed my free goodie bag!

There was so much amazing talent to be seen and I throughly enjoyed popping round and chatting to people about their work, if I’m honest I think it was too much for me to take in at first – I’m slighty hazy on Sunday mornings! It was great to meet the lovely people behind the creations. Rob Ryan was printing his gorgeous wrapping paper on stage (far to good to wrap with in my opinion!) and selling goodies at bargain prices. I picked up an amazing zine by Laura Callaghan which I will share with you next week. I even saw some talented ladies illustrating away behind their counters, Alice Tams from Birds in Hats was illustrating a cute dino! My continued love for ceramics only increased after seeing Jim Bob Art‘s amazing illustrated plates, Chloe at Shlos Exquisite cups, which I couldn’t take my eyes off, and A Alicia‘s brand new range of ceramic jewellery.



In amongst the many stalls of beautiful things, people were getting crafty making Festive Fascinators and Cardigan Clips. There was a real happy vibe coming from everyone, lots of smiling happy shoppers and crafters all round, it certainly made my Sunday even sunnier!

After the fun was over I sat down with my friend Bex and enjoyed a cup of earl grey, investigated my goodie bag and read through my new copy of BUST magazine.. Happy days! Thanks Craftacular, until next time…

Some of my goodies: 1. Heyholla – Yo! Ho Ho tote bag. 2. Flamingo Pink Dylon Dye. 3. Pom Pom Magazine – Free snood pattern. 4. Temporary Tattoo’s plus a copy of BUST magazine.



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