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Haberdashery Binge

Klein’s haberdashery in Soho are having a huge stock reduction sale due to a recent move to their fancy new showroom. I happened to accidentally fall upon this sale a few weeks ago and have been back on numerous occasions since then, I just can’t resist a bargain!!

At the moment I have no idea what I will do with all my finds from Kleins but I’m quite happy for them to live in one of my many boxes of stuff until I find an opportunity for them. Until then though I thought they should get some air time on the blog as some of them are pretty special.

I think most of the patches are from the 1950’s, I love the P.O.W patch and the creepy cat with claws. Plus, I’m sure my new gold beaded shoulder pads / bikini will come in handy for festival season. Each of the small fabric patches were 10p! Gasp! Can you see now why I have become a little obsessed!20131210-130109.jpg

20131210-130130.jpg 20131210-130059.jpg 20131210-130119.jpg 20131210-130143.jpg

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