Wonderful Weaving

I have always been a lover of textiles. I’ve collected fabric, threads, wool, feathers – (you name it I’ve got it lurking in a corner somewhere) for as long as I can remember but I very rarely use it to make art work. Recently I’ve found myself pinning lots of woven wall art onto my Art & Illustration Pinterest board and now I have a massive urge to use a loom.Hicks-10

Whilst at the Frieze Art Fair I came across the wonderful woven artwork of Sheila Hicks, Sheila’s career as a textile artist spans a whole 50 years. She manipulates textiles in all manner of ways creating art ranging from large-scale gallery installations to small textured pieces. Texture is what draws me to Sheila’s work, the variety of shapes she is able to create through weaving alone really is amazing. I just want to wrap myself up in them, like Sheila has above!6094_11-sheila_hicks_Badagara_Blue_1966

2378_3-sheila_hicks_11102_green 4652_8-sheila_hicks_11116_convergenceI 02-Mogador

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